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Women's Items & Info

Mad.Girl Clothing is a division of Pendragon Costumes, purveyors of quality historical and fantasy clothing for men and women for over 20 years. Designs in leather and cloth bring styles, both bold and demure, to fashionistas of the Neo-Victorian era.

The Mad.Girl line specializes in Steampunk and Neo-Victorian couture, offing a wide variety of custom items to complete or compliment your steamy ensembles.

From bold and brazen to sophisticate and demure, Mad.Girl offers the look in comfortable Neo-Victorian elegance. Leather corsets, jackets and dresses as well as beautiful fabric skirts, blouses and complete outfits, Mad.Girl can help any women look and feel transported to a new future.

Many items can also be worn seamlessly with modern clothing for a night on the town, so if you are creating a futuristic look or a look for tomorrow night, Mad.Girl can give your wardrobe that needed edge of elan you are seeking.

  • Corset Sizing

    Our corsets are sized from 0 to 20. You can determine your size based on your dress size and waist measurement. For the most part, you will want to order a size smaller than you would buy when purchasing an item of women's clothing in a department store (sometimes two sizes, depending on you "squish-ability factor" and how tight you like to wear your corset). That combined with knowing your actual waist measurement (NOT jean size), you can make an educated guess at what size to order. It is always best to try one on, but we realize it is not always possible to visit us at a faire or con. Feel free to call or email if you are concerned about what size to order. If you do end up ordering the wrong size, it is not a problem, exchanges for size are always available.

This chart should be used as a guide for determining your size.
Size 0Size 2Size 4Size 6Size 8Size 10Size 12Size 14Size 16Size 18Size 20
Waist Measurement*
34 "
Bodice Comparison**
*This is the actual measurement, at the waist, of corset laced tight. Your actual waist measurement should be 3-5" larger
**If you own one of our bodices, this is how they correspond to our corsets

Below, you can scroll through all our Steampunk women's products by using the arrows on the right.

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