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Heavier Weight Leather Colors

For Men's Lapel vests and jackets; underbust corsets; purses and lap-top bags

Artisan Black

Artisan Hazlenut

Artisan Canyon

Artisan Chamois

Artisan Taupe

Artisan Walnut

Barbosa Chivas

Barbosa Oak

Barbosa Whiskey

Bellaflor Black

Bellaflor Palomino

Bomber Brown

Colorado Chocolate

Golden Ale

Hunter Black Cherry

Hunter Chocolate

Hunter Mahogany

Hunter Red

Hunter Walnut

Kali Brindle

Kali Chocolate

Kyson Cognac

Leon Black

Leon Brown

Metalic Brown

Nassa Black

Nassa Bone

Nassa Bronze

Nassa Brown

Nassa Burgundy

Nassa Cream

Nassa Forest Green

Nassa Grape

Nassa Grey

Nassa Honda Blue

Nassa Ivory

Nassa New Red

Nassa Ocean Blue

Nassa Saddle

Nassa Sand

Nassa Sienna

Nassa Tan

Nassa Waxy Blue

Nassa White

Newcastle Bourbon

Newcastle Parquet

Philadelphia Black

Renaissance Brown

Renaissance Burgundy

Renaissance Green

Renaissance Medium Brown

Renaissance Navy

Sensation Black

Sensation Chocolate

Sensation White

Tombstone Black

Tombstone Honey

Tombstone Walnut

Tombstone Whisky

Verona Chocolate