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Color Options

To the right, you will find links to all the supplies we offer to create your custom item. You can choose the fabric, leather, ribbon, tooling, conchos, buttons and clasps as required for the piece you are looking to order.

Link explanation:

FABRICS: A place to help guide you in your fabric selection. If your piece requires fabric in it's construction, but you don't know exactly what you want, check here for some links and explanations. When you are ready to order, we are more than happy to help you pick the perfect fabric.

CHEMISE COLORS: For our Lady Jane, Lady Jamie and Partlets, you can choose what color cotton the body of the chemise is made in. Our standard colors are white, natural and black, but you can order in any color you like.

CHEMISE RIBBON COLOR: For our Lady Jane and Lady Jamie chemises, you can choose what color ribbon is used for the decorative casing on the neck and wrists.

DECORATIVE RIBBON COLORS: For our Partlets, and some of the Women Outfits, you can choose what decorative ribbon is used.

BUTTONS: On most of our Doublets, you will be asked what color button you want: silver or gold. If you would like to choose a specific button, this is the place you look.

PLONGE LEATHER COLORS: Plonge is the name of the garment weight leather we use on all our Doublets, Jackets, and overbust Corsets.

SUEDE COLORS: Suede is used for our Bodices and, if you choose, for your Doublet.

HEAVIER WEIGHT LEATHER: This leather is slightly thicker than the plonge, but comes in a wider range of color and leather finishes. We use it in our Lapel Jackets and Vests as well as in our Underbust Corsets.

CONCHO OPTIONS: On all our Lapel Jackets and Vests and on a few Trench Coats, you will be asked what concho you would like. You can view your options here.

CLASP COLOR: We use metal clasp closures on all our Corsets and Underbust Corsets. These are your choices.

TOOLING COLOR: On our tooled Doublets and Bodices you will be asked for the main color of your tooling. All designs are on a black background and the design is available in brown, green, red and, for an additional charge, blue.

CUSTOM TOOLING: All of our tooled items can be ordered with custom tooling. Here are some examples.