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About Us


Pendragon Costumes was started in 1990 by owner/designer, Nicole Fullerton, and has been creating quality, hand-made Renaissance clothing for men and women for over 20 years. With the addition of S.I.L.C. (SciFi Inspired Leather Clothing) and Mad.Girl Clothing: Steampunk Essentials, we can now provide the most rounded experiences of personally made costuming available on the web. 100% made in America, by hand, by Nicole herself, you know that every piece you order from us was made FOR you and we will work hard to make it to the best of our ability. If you ever have any problems or questions about your order or future orders, never hesitate to contact us via email: or phone: (661) 257-0406. We do not have a physical location for sales, but you can visit us at most major Renaissance Festivals across the United States as well as Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk conventions, including the San Diego Comic Con, DragonCon Atlanta and over a dozen regional cons in a multitude of states. We are working on a complete list, but you can check here for our upcoming cons.

All of us at Pendragon Costumes and Mad.Girl Clothing look forward to bringing products to the market that inspire the imagination, are exquisitely designed, and just plain fun. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and hope that our products bring you lasting joy!

Unconditional Guarantee
We want every customer to be completely satisfied with their purchase from Pendragon Costumes. Although we do not accept returns, we will work hard to make the item you have ordered or purchased to your needs as much as possible. If you are unhappy with something you have ordered, simply contact us and we will attempt to make it right. Non-special orders (those that did not require any alterations in size or style) can be easily exchanged by sending them back to:
Pendragon Costumes
27821 Pine Crest Pl
Castaic, CA 91384

(PLEASE do not forget to include a note explaining what you are exchanging it for and your return address)

Items made with alterations will have to be dealt with on an individual basis, but we will always do all we can to correct any errors that we have made in the construction of your order.

If you ever loose a lace or need a repair to your item (including tooling re-touch), you can contact us and find out the best way to handle your individual need (fee may apply).

Ordering is Easy
When you shop with Pendragon Costumes and Mad.Girl Clothing, you pick the method that works best for you!

Phone - Order by phone by calling 1-661-257-0406. Because we work at home and live in California, please be respectful of how early you call, but you may feel free to call up until 8pm at night PST.
eMail - You can contact us via Email at or and tell us exactly what you'd like to order. We will generate a receipt and a PayPal request and email it back to you.
Online - Place your order on-line 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week at and click on either Pendragon Costumes (Renaissance clothing), S.I.L.C. (SciFi Inspired Leather Clothing) or Mad.Girl CLothing: Steampunk Essentials links.

Shipping - Every order that is placed is made for you. We do not have a stock or warehouse that we pull from. We do not order batches from another state or country. Everything is 100% made by-hand in California by Nicole, Jim, Russell, Lupe, Jerry and Shawn. Seriously. We six people are the ONLY ones that make everything that we sell. When you consider the amount of product that ships to every faire and convention we do on a weekly basis, you will understand that placing an order with us is not like ordering from Walmart. Therefor it may take some time. We like to say orders take 4-6 weeks for delivery. There are times, when you order something simple, or you catch us on a good day, that we are able to get it out sooner. More likely, however, your order will be placed in a queue with a lot of other anxious customers waiting for their unique, hand-made costume. Please know that we work very hard to get each and every order out in a timely manner. If you are ever concerned about the time it is taking, do not hesitate to contact us. PLEASE do not wait until the day before your event to contact us. If you have an event that you are ordering a specific item for, please let us know WHEN you order, so that we may plan accordingly.

We ship via FedEx Home Delivery, which takes between 1-5 days, depending on where in the United States you live. For international orders, we ship via USPS Global Priority mail.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments.

Payment in full is charged to your card when you place your order, unless prior arrangements have been made. If you wish to do "layaway" or make payments, you can do so, but we do not begin working on your order until at least half is paid ... which means your 4-6 week mark starts when you pay half, not necessarily when you order. All payments, whether they be in full or towards a layaway are non-refundable at any time. If you have made payments towards a particular item which you no longer want, you may use that money towards another item. Layaway payments left outstanding for more than a year may be considered forfeit unless you contact us and make prior arrangements. If you place an item on layaway at a faire, the manager will expect you to pay it off in full before the last weekend. If you can not, please contact us. The exact item the manager is holding for you may be returned to stock and your payments put toward an item that will then be made for you at the time you pay off your layaway.

General Information
Actual products may not be exactly as shown. We reserve the right to make improvements or slight alterations. We also reserve the right to limit quantities. Special offers and discounts cannot be applied towards previously purchased merchandise. For more information, please call us at 1-661-257-0406 or e-mail us at:

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can check out our FAQ's or you can e-mail us at:, or write to us at:

Pendragon Costumes
27821 Pine Crest Pl
Castaic, CA 91384

Sales Tax
Please note that State Sales Tax will be charged if you live in the following states:


Pendragon Community
Join the Pendragon Costumes Facebook Fan page; follow us at the Pendragon Costumes FaceBook page or the Mad.Girl FaceBook page.

To contact Jim directly, email him at bitjim @
To contact Jerry directly, email him at leatherguyver @
To contact Marita Beth directly, email her at maritabeth @