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Gift Certificate


Having no income for three months is always hard: this year with all the cons at the end of the year having no sales ... well, it's nearly impossible.

Soooooo I am going to do the Gift Certificate Promotion one more time.

If you've ever wanted to get in on the Gift Certificate Promotion, this would be a good time to do it.

What is the Gift Certificate Promotion? Basically you buy a Gift Certificate for any denomination and we issue one for half again the value you paid. For instance, you buy one for $500 and we issue you one for $750. It's an awesome deal and this way you don't have to decide right now what you want. You can also give them as gifts if you don't need any costuming yourself. And the best part is you are helping a small business stay in business and right now, that's an amazing thing!

We will be running this promotion from Saturday, January 28th through Tuesday, January 31st at midnight PST

Small print: Gift Certificates are transferable. Gift Certificates are not refundable. Gift Certificates purchased during the promotion dates only are eligible for the 50% bonus value added to the total. Gift Certificates cannot be used with other offers including online sales or "Forever Discount" awarded to GoFundMe supporters. Gift Certificates do not expire and can be redeemed online, by phone or at any faire or con where Pendragon Costumes has a booth. Gift Certificates can be used at Pendragon Costumes, Mad.Girl Clothing, and S.I.L.C., but not Masquerade. Gift Certificates come with our love and gratitude!

Gift Certificate
from 20.00

Gift certificates save the day! You just can't top their creativity. Stop stressing about finding them that perfect gift and let them make their own.

We've offered a selection of the most popular amounts. If you want a different amount, simply contact us.

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