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Chenille & Jacquard Fabrics

Having fabric options on the website is an endless and tiring prospect. While we would love to list all the fabrics we can use right here for you, we would have to update that daily. We have decided to try using Pinterest to "pin" fabric options to for you to choose from.



Below you will find a guide line and helpful information for selecting the fabrics for your order. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

You will need to consider what type of fabric you want for your outfit: a Jacquard or a Chenille.

In the most basic of terms, a jacquard is a fabric with an woven pattern and comes in either a brocade (fabric woven with an elaborate raised design; multi-colored and uni-directional) or a damask (a tone-on-tone jacquard where the patterns are flat and the fabric reversible).

Chenille fabric (or, for our purposes chenille upholstery fabric) is soft, heavy and usually a damask.

For most of our items, you will need to be looking at brocades and damasks. The Chenille would be used primary in such items and the Marlowe Doublet and the Anne Boleyn outfit.

You are welcome to "shop the web" yourself and ask our opinions on any suppliers fabric listing. When you find something you like, you can let us know and we will order it directly from them for you. If you want to shop your local fabric stores and provide your own fabric, please contact us first. We don't mind using fabric you provide, but we need to make sure it will work before you spend your money on it.  We give a fabric credit for "customer provided fabric", but you will need to make arrangements with us before you order. Any discount is based on the yardage needed for an individual item, not on what you paid.

We purchase most of our fabrics downtown in LA's fabric district. Because these sources are constantly changing, a fabric that we post a picture of today, or that you see at a Faire or Con, might not be available next week. Other fabrics are pretty consistent, however, and those we have listed on certain items' individual page listings here. (example)

We are happy to send samples of fabrics that are currently available, either by digital picture to your email or by physical swatch to your home. We do not charge for the service, but we usually require you to have placed a paid order before we go shopping for you.